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Blue Jay Afternoons provides a fun, safe, learning environment for your student to thrive. We offer overall homework support as well as intervention classes for ELA, and Math in which your child may be struggling. We also offer enrichment and recreation activities. If we all share the responsibility, we can ensure a terrific school year for our students.

  1. The collaboration of YCUSD, Park & Recreation, Gray Avenue Staff, Parents, and Students developed the afterschool program. The afterschool program is divided into Sessions so students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment activities.
  2. Each day students who are enrolled in the after school program participate in two components:
    1. An educational component which provide homework support or intervention. The intervention class assists students in meeting California state standards in core academic subjects of ELA or Math.
    2. An educational enrichment component which reinforces and compliments the regular academic program by providing students with opportunities to participate in recreation, prevention, youth development, visual performing arts, career-awareness, and community service activities.

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If you have any questions you may contact:

Leticia Zamarron
After School Coordinator
(530) 822-5340 ext.1017