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The purpose of Gray Avenue Middle School is to develop a learning organization where our staff and students acquire the knowledge, the attitude, and the skills to equip our students for academic and social success in high school and beyond. To that end we will work to:
  • Become an organization of learners
  • Prepare OUR students academically with instructional excellence
  • Motivate and teach responsibility
  • Guide their social development
Gray Avenue Middle School is a school where all staff members work to motivate and teach responsibility so that our students leave here prepared academically and socially for success in high school and beyond. As a 6-8 middle school, we understand we have these young adolescents for their very important formative years. Our students are raw with potential and curiosity. The experiences they have here will have a life-long impact on their enthusiasm for learning. Middle school students are eager to become independent and obsessed with proving themselves and defining their social roles. Without good role models, purposeful guidance, and structure this energy and curiosity can easily lead down the wrong path. It is, fundamentally, our purpose to TEACH Gray Avenue students the value of their education and being responsible for their own learning. We also value every minute we have to make an impression on our students. The staff at Gray Avenue will do whatever it takes to ensure students have the appropriate social and academic development.